Just a little tool so that my friends can text a phone number and add to my spotify queue for parties and such:)


  • Roles / Access Control

    • Admin

      • Currently the authorization function just returns true for admins, might be subject to change?

      • Admins can currently queue tracks as well as whitelist new users

    • End User

      • “End User” used to distinguish between the role and the internal mental model (and DB model) I’ve built up of a User

      • End users can currently only queue tracks

    • Roles may be subject to change, ideally it’ll be as modular and customisable as possible.

    • I would also like to implement identity-based access control, or experiment with it

      • This will likely end up taking the form of OperatorService.user_has_perms() first checking if any permissions are listed in the user object

      • If no relevant permissions are found on the user object, the role object would then be checked.

  • Queueing Tracks

    • Required Permission Level: End User

    • User can text a link to a Spotify album, playlist, or track, and the song(s) will be queued.

Using SMSPotifY

End Users

  • It’s as easy as texting a Spotify link for any track, playlist, or album to the appropriate phone number! (Ask your friend who has it setup ? )


  • Whitelisting new users

    • whitelist name;phonenumber;role

      • Name: Supports full names, will only ever respond with the first name

      • Number: +11231231234

      • Role: admin | end_user

      • Currently there’s no validation on number or role, so malformed entries will still be submit

Configuring SMSPotifY

  • WIP ??


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