Pass Lock

A medium security python password manager that encrypt passwords using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

PassLock is a password manager and password generator that encrypts passwords using AES and save them securely on your local machine. The password is encrypted and decrypted with a 32-bit key embedded in the master password and will get updated with each use. So extending the length of the master password will steadily improve the overall security and key length. PassLock also generates a 40-bit long password that contains lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Passlock also has a console user interface that will definitely help to enhance your experience.


• AES Encryption
• 40-bit long random password generator
• Auto Copy
• Custom path
• Console Animations


• python3


Install using git bash $git clone
or click download


• PassLock requered python 3.7 and above
• PassLock requeres 3 third party modules, and it will automatically install while running
requermets requered version
Python 3.7+
Crypto 1.4+
termcolor 1.1+
pyperclip 1.8+


• Version 1.0
• Version history:
vesrion release date features
0.4 18-8-2021 Release
1.0 21-8-2021 Enhanced security
Bug Fixes
Added 40-bit password genetator
optimized performance

• Devoloper: Akshay Vs

Connect with me

@Akshayv69128812 akshay-vs __akshay_v5__


◼Extract the Zip file ◼Run PassLock to open Password manager
◼Enter path of a directory to save encrypted password (Recomended: Create a seperate directory to save password) eg: D:\AES-Ecrypted-Password-Manager\data
◼Create a master password


new Create a new password
show Decrypt and show password
-c copy password to clipboard
-r or leaving password blank will generate a random password
--Exitclose all files and exit console application

Error Messages

>>>path intrupted, Try to open AES-Encrypted-Password-manager folder as home directory
This means that you are not running the PassLock application properly. You cannot use the 'AES-Encrypted-Password-Manager' directory inside another folder

>>>Something went wrong, restart requered
This means that something is not working as expected and can be fixed by restarting the code.

License and Copyright

Lisence: MIT Lisence
© 2021 Akshay Vs ## GitHub