A Minecraft launcher made in python. The main objective of this launcher is to enable players to enjoy minecraft (especially those without a mojang/microsoft account). This launcher is not illegal as all files are downloaded from


This launcher is based on the Tkinter and minecraft_launcher_lib. It offers mojang login and cracked login.
Includes a special FPS boost option.
Includes an in-built toggleable vpn, running through torsocks(Linux)
To run Tor on windows as a service :
Fps boost has been shifted to experimental mode. That is , it has 50-50 chances of working successfully.It is still under development. Feedback would be most graciously appreciated.
Discord Rich Presence (Rpc) added.


Run python or python3 on linux)
Then run python or python3
Before starting minecraft, do increase or decrease the ram in the settings, so as to update it in the settings file. Or else an error will pop concerning the JVM.
I will patch this in future releases.


After stopping a download, please press CTRL+C twice. (This will close the launcher as well.) For people who have worked with python, it's an issue where i am unable to close the download thread directly at once by raising the KeyboardInterrupt exception.
If download fails, you may need to use a vpn(windows) or enable tor in settings(linux)
A recent bug has been fixed in minecraft forge(modded minecraft) installation. If on linux just replace the file in the patches folder with the on in either /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages(if allowed, coz most installations are not done here without sudo) or /home/(your username)/.local/lib/python3/site-packages/minecraft_launcher_lib/
On windows replace at C:\users\yourname\Appdata\local\programs\python(version-number)\site-packages\minecraft_launcher_lib\
Ignore the upper two messages if installing for the first time. Still if error pops up you can apply the fixes as mentioned.
Any changes in the settings (be it tor, fps boost, ram change, directory change) will require a launcher reboot(not to be confused with system reboot), to take effect.

Why the whole vpn thingy?

Sometimes mojang's server, is not available on some systems (especially for those living in Egypt). To fix this a vpn is used. Now the governement of Egypt has kinda cracked down on openvpn (thanks to one of my testers, i wouldn't have known about it otherwise.), so Tor is the best solution to that.

Coming soon:

FunMc (my minecraft server's website) and it's API for skin systems and capes (absolutely free)
New microsoft account login system as per the latest changes according to mojang in Minecraft: Java Edition

Below is a video stating how to use PyCraft Launcher(rip my trash pc -- i am still working on the fps boost)


GitHub - shasankp000/PyCraft: A Minecraft launcher made in python.
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