Textadventure sceleton written in python

Use with a map file generated on https://www.trizbort.io

Use the following Sockets for walking directions:

 nw         n   up    ne
    0               0
  w x               x e
    0               0
 sw         s  down   se

0: Socket not in use. You can still use one of these to enter a room, but it is not possible to exit the room via this socket. However it is recommanded to mark the connector as oneway for readability.

Execute the file play.py to start a game.

Command Parsing

The Command parsing is handled in a Command Base Class. The action words are taken from the translation file. It is also possible to provide regex parsing or even overwriting the parsing in a command child class.

Every command is a child of the Base Class. If the player enters a command, all command classes try to parse the input. The first command wich successfully parses the textinput will be executed.

By now, the parser supports the following commands:

  • go
  • look
  • take
  • drop
  • inventory


The localisation is provided in a json file. It needs to have the following directory mapping:

  • “generic_fills”: list of articles
  • “commands”: dictionary of commands
    • “-command class name-“: directory of command values
      • “action”: list of action words of the command
      • “action_regex”: (optional) list of regex parsing
      • “filler”: (optinal) list of fillers of the command
      • more command specific values. (eg. direction mapping for the go command)
  • “all”: list of words translating to all
  • “-your text-“: your translation


    "generic_fills": [
    "commands": {
        "go": {
            "action": [
            "filler": [
            "directions": {
                "n": 0,
                "north": 0,
                "ne": 2,
                "northeast": 2,
                "...": 4
    "all": ["all", "everything"],
    "no way": "There is no way in this direction"


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