BlobBackup is a minimalistic backup utility for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. With an excellent engine, extensive storage support, and an easy to use interface, this adorable little guy is all you need to sleep better at night knowing your precious data is protected!

Detailed documentation can be found here. Download the latest stable version here. New releases for each operating system will be uploaded on Github and announced on our subreddit.


You can either download the pre-compiled packages for your operating system or install the blobbackup package using pip. For Windows and Mac users, the recommended way is to use the pre-compiled packages. For Linux users, it's to use pip.

Windows | OSX | Linux

# Or alternatively, you can just use install from pip directly
# Installations have only been tested with python 3.7 but it 
# will likely work just fine on all 3.X versions

git clone
cd blobbackup
pip install .