scrapes medias, likes, followers, tags and all metadata. Inspired by instagram-php-scraper

It can fetch media, accounts, videos, comments etc. Comment and Like actions are also supported.
It is not easy to get Applications approved for Instagram's API therefore I created this tool inspired by instagram-php-scraper.

The goal of this project is to become as minimalistic as possible while still having all the needed functionality so that its easy to add code to it!


Simply run:

pip install igramscraper

or download the project via git clone and run the following:

pip install -r require.txt


Some methods do require authentication:

from igramscraper.instagram import Instagram

instagram = Instagram()

# authentication supported
instagram = Instagram.with_credentials('username', 'password')

account = instagram.get_account_by_id(3)
# Available fields
print('Account info:')
print('Id', account.identifier)
print('Username', account.username)
print('Full name', account.full_name)
print('Biography', account.biography)
print('Profile pic url', account.get_profile_pic_url_hd())
print('External Url', account.external_url)
print('Number of published posts', account.media_count)
print('Number of followers', account.followed_by_count)
print('Number of follows', account.follows_count)
print('Is private', account.is_private)
print('Is verified', account.is_verified)
# or simply for printing use 

If you use authentication, the program will cache the user session by default so one doesn't need to create session every time.
If one want to disable the user session cache, assign True to Instagram.login() method

Two Factor Authentication is also supported through cli interface, simply use 'True' for second argument of login() function

Many of the methods do not require authentication

for more info browse through the examples folder

Using proxy for requests:

from igramscraper.instagram import Instagram 

proxies = {
    'http': '',
    'https': '',

instagram = Instagram()

account = instagram.get_account('kevin')