A minimalistic library designed to provide native access to YNAB data from Python.


The simplest way is to install the latest version from PyPI index:

> pip install -U pynab

or install from the latest source:

git clone
cd pynab
python install


Load the shared YNAB budget:

>>> from ynab import YNAB
>>> ynab = YNAB('~/Dropbox/YNAB', 'MyBudget')

Get the list of accounts:

>>> ynab.accounts
[<Account: Cash>, <Account: Checking>]

Query the balance, the cleared balance and the reconciled balance for cash account:

>>> cash = ynab.accounts['Cash']
>>> cash.balance, cash.cleared_balance, cash.reconciled_balance
(15.38, 24.38, 41.88)

Find the total of all reconciled cash transactions starting 2 weeks ago:

>>> cash = ynab.accounts['Cash']
>>> sum(cash.transactions.since('2 weeks ago').filter('reconciled').amount)

Find the average amount of all Starbucks purchases in 2015:

>>> starbucks = ynab.payees['Starbucks']
>>> starbucks.transactions.between('2015-01-01', '2015-12-31').amount.mean()