This is a Django Based Web Site To Identify the Breed of which your DOG belogs All You Need To Do is to Follow These Steps

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Project Maintainer/Owner

Sanskar Dwivedi


Yash Sakre

Piyush Kumar Dewangan

Rajat Naik

Setup Discription

you need to install following libraries to run this python program in cmd

pip install tensorflow
pip install keras
pip install django
pip install numpy

Compilation Steps

Just Goto the Project Directory and Paste this Command

python runserver

How to Contribute

You can contribute by adding new scripts, improving current scripts or documentation. Here are some instructions before making a Pull Request:

  • Take a look at Contributing Guide
  • Take a look at the Existing Issues or create your own Issues!
  • Wait for the Issue to be assigned to you after which you can start working on it.
  • Fork the Repo and create a Branch for any Issue that you are working upon.
  • Create a Pull Request which will be promptly reviewed and suggestions would be added to improve it.

Steps to take to contribute

  • Create an issue for making any changes to code. When the issue is approved you can make changes.
  • Pull latest change from upstream branch before starting the changing of code.
  • Add your file in a properly named directory (lowercase) with a in it.Add requirements.txt if needed.

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Report a Bug

  • Help us improve scripts. Report bugs here

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