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HDLG is a modern cross-platform GUI for hdl-dump with Batch installation capabilities.

Looking for Artwork

This project is looking for an Icon and Text Logo as well as a Banner artwork. If you have some free time and would like to contribute artwork to the project, let me know!


pip install --user hdlg

To run hdlg, type hdlg into any terminal, command prompt, app launcher, or the start menu.

If you wish to manually install from the source, take a look at Building.


  • Craft initial GUI with Qt.
  • Push to PyPI and add relevant Badges.
  • Add PyInstaller make file.
  • Add local PS2 HDD connection option.
  • List installed games of selected HDD.
  • Show HDD information like Disk Size, Space Used, and such.
  • Add Inno Setup script.
  • Add ability to install a new game to selected HDD.
  • Create a file based settings system.
  • Add remote PS2 HDD (samba) connection option.


This project requires Poetry, so feel free to take advantage and use it for its various conveniences like building sdist/wheel packages, creating and managing dependencies, virtual environments, and more.


  • Source Code may have changes that may be old, not yet tested or stable, or may have regressions.
  • Only run or install from Source Code if you have a good reason. Examples would be to test for regressions, test changes (either your own or other contributors), or to research the code (agreeing to the LICENSE).
  • Poetry is required as it’s used as the PEP 517 build system, virtual environment manager, dependency manager, and more.

Install from Source Code

git clone https://github.com/rlaphoenix/hdlg.git
cd hdlg
pip install --user .

Building source and wheel distributions

poetry build

You can specify -f to build sdist or wheel only. Built files can be found in the /dist directory.

Packing with PyInstaller

poetry run python pyinstaller.py

The build is now available at ./dist.


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