Optimus Prime Bot .

? A modular Telegram group management and drive clone bot running on Python with sqlalchemy database.

? Can be found on telegram as Optimus Prime

? Telegram Support Group AtrociousBotSupport

✅Telegram bot version : 13.10

✅Python : 3.10.2

✅Telethon : Latest

✅Pyrogram: Latest

✅Sqlalchemy : 1.3.24

Originally a SaitamaRobot fork, Optimus_Prime evolved further and was built to be more robust.
In support group you can ask for help, discover/request new features, report bugs, and stay in the loop whenever a new update is available.
For queries or any issues regarding the bot please open an issue ticket or visit us at AtrociousBotSupport

Deploy To Heroku.

Deploy To Heroku

Special Features.

This is a group management bot but it can clone Google drive file , it can search files in drive , it can delete file from drive and it can count drive files.

This bot also can download file from direct download link , youtube video and audio, Mediafire, Zippyshare, Hxfile, Anonfiles, Antfiles URL, HTTP/HTTPS as File/Video in telegram.


You can use your own sqlalchemy database . If you don’t have then use heroku-postgresql. After deploy go to herkou app resource option and search Heroku Postgres in add-ons and connect.

? Credits

Saitama Robot



Mirror Leech Telegram Bot

Legend X



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