A much lighter-weight arxiv-sanity re-write. Currently runs only locally and doesn’t exist as a website on the internet. However, the code is in a semi “feature-complete” state in the sense that you can look through arxiv papers, tag any of them arbitrarily, and then arxiv-sanity-lite recommends similar papers for each tag based on SVM on tfidf vectors constructed from the paper abstracts. So that’s pretty cool, I find this personally plenty useful already, and it may be useful to you as well!

I hope to make this good over time and once it’s ready to also host it publicly, deprecating the current bloated arxiv-sanity in favor of this new format. The biggest remaining todo’s are adding user accounts and making everything nicer, faster, and more scalable as the number of papers in the database grows.


To run

  • (Periodically) run to add recent papers from arxiv to the database.
  • Then run to re-calculate tfidf features on the paper abstracts and save those to database.
  • Finally run to start the server and access the frontend layer over the data, e.g.: export; flask run.




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