Instagram Exploitation Framework

What is IEF?

IEF, also known as Instagram Exploitation Framework is as you can tell from the name, it’s a exploitation framework focused on the platform known as “Instagram” which uses the Metasploit CLI Design.

The Framework

What are the features of this framework?

  • 1 Line Name bypass (Bypasses the name limit) 03-10-21
  • 14 Days Name Bypass 03-10-21
  • Instagram Arti Image Generator To Unban Accounts 05-10-21
  • Download A Users Profile Picture 05-10-21
  • Account Storing Option For Later Use 05-10-21
  • Auto Generated Arti Images For Verification on Support Emails 05-10-21
  • OS Detection 05-10-21
  • Download A Users Post 06-10-21
  • Get A Users ID 06-10-21
  • Unban Bot 05-10-21
  • Instagran Post Exploit (Server side authenicated profile DoS)
  • Buffer Overflow Via GCA (Hang outdated IoS/current Android Instagram clients)
  • 14 Days Username Bypass @. (Release tool)
  • 2FA & Sus Login Bypass Via Packet Buffering
  • Force Pronouns On Non USA Accounts
  • Download A Users Story
  • Information about A specific User
  • Crash The Android Clients (Outdated Instagram JAVA Exception Code and OAGA)
  • Put Whatever you want for the URL Bypass Invalid Website Error
  • Report Bot
  • Swap Bot
  • Turbo Bot
  • Memorializing Bot
  • Brick IOS Devices with embedded Payload Inside the Post Images (Block the change of metadata that Instagram does)
  • Trigger AVS Via Poisoned Image
  • Story Crasher
  • Time On Posts Exploitation
  • Custom Pronouns via JWT
  • Post Images / Story Via CLI (Pictures [No Icons NO text NO music just plain image])
  • Get Users IP Via Data Caching (Server side cache to locate IPs sign-in attempts)
  • Updater
  • Logs

To Fix

  • None


  • 14 Days Name Bypass
  • Users input after loading an exploit isn’t gathering information


Go to the folder you have downloaded the framework on and run:


Where can I contact you?




Legality Use

For legal purposes, I take 0 responsibility for what you do with this framework, if used for a malicious intent. This is for research use only.

Why isn’t my issue fixed?

I may not have time to fix the issue because of my work and all, if I find enough time I will fix the issue(s) and slowly add onto the framework.