WM Bot

A advanced bot with more than 220 commands to fit your needs


I started learning python around March 2020. This project was started as a way to become better at python in July 7th 2020. And the code you'll see in this repository was written between then and now. some code may have really bad practices because of it. if you find any issues with the code, please report them to me in my discord: Wasi Master#6969 or open a pull request. if you find any bugs or have any ideas then open a issue in the repository

Built With

Getting Started

Almost every folder on this repository has a readme file that you can check for more information on what that specific folder is for

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple steps.


This is an example of how to list things you need to use the software and how to install them.


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone https://github.com/wasi_master/wm_bot.git
  2. Change directory to the cloned repo

    cd wm_bot
  3. Rename the folder config_example to config

    • Linux/MacOS:
    mv config_example config
    • Windows:
    ren config_example config
  4. Edit the config files to add your bot token and the database credentials. (For instructions see the readme.md file in each config directory)

  5. Run the required commands in your database

    psql username -h hostname -d database_name -f db_setup.sql

    And replace username with your username. hostname with your database hostname and database_name with your database name.

  6. Install Required packages

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  7. Run the bot

    • Windows:
    py main.py
    • Linux:
    python main.py
    • MacOS:
    python3 main.py

Copying Code

If you want to copy any code from this repo please keep these in mind

  • Read the license and what it allows and disallows

  • If you want to copy a whole command

    1. If you are in a cog keep @commands.command and if you are not in a command replace @commands.command with @bot.command or @client.command depending on what you named your bot
  • If you see any functions/classes that you don't understand/don't know where it is defined, in the desktop version of github you can click the function/class name and see where it is defined

Bad Practice, Code, or Code Style

If you find any code that you think is bad practice, code, or code style, please report it to me in my discord: Wasi Master#6969 or open a pull request or a issue. if you find any bugs or have any ideas then open a issue in the repository


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