Network scanner

A small project that I wrote on the fly for (IT351) Computer Networks University Course to identify and label the devices in my networks and open ports.

Technical Points

  • Built using python3 and for
    • file that used socket library for TCP Scanning which used three-way handshake (ACK-SYN)
    • main-scapy.main file that used scapy library for ARP Scanning which sends broadcast ARP message
  • Built GUI with PyQt5 library

How to use

Getting started

  1. clone or download the project and cd into the project folder
  2. install dependencies
    1. pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run

  1. run: python, python or from IDE like PyCharm
  2. input network to scan: e.g.

Scanning could take a little while (around 20sec - 2min is normal). In addition, it may have to be run several times to get all devices.

Demo or What you will get

  1. For running file which scanning network using built in library socket


  1. For running file which scanning network using library scapy