Bzzmans New Coin Listing Detection Bot


Bzzman's NCL Bot Architecture

About Project

Work in progress. This bot basically gets new coin listings from Binance using Binance API. An alert gets raised every time that a coin gets listed on Binance. After the alert, you can use the web page to purchase coins with the portion percentage. You need a Binance account to start trading. Then when you connect the API keys, you can purchase coins. Crypto trading is highly volatile. This project doesn’t possess any trading advise. Trade carefully.


  • Getting market data every 10 minutes to detect if any new coin gets listed on Binance.
  • After detection, user gets notified via Telegram.
  • After notification, user can enter the Flask web application to purchase coin that coin quickly.
  • Only BUSD based coins are enabled for purchase for now. Other coins are on progress.
  • You can contact with me to enabling other coins. Contact info below this page.

How To Use

Required Libs

pip install python-binance

pip install Flask

pip install pymongo

pip install dnspython

Deploying Python Flask App to Heroku

Useful documentation by Heroku

My explaination

Useful terminal commands after deployment:

  • After making a change on production: git add . + git commit -am "your message"
  • Pushing the app to the cloud: git push heroku master
  • Checking for logs: heroku logs --tail

Setting Up Telegram Bot

To build a bot for Telegram, you need to talk to BotFather and follow the simple steps. He will give you a token to start a chat with your bot.

Setting up Heroku Scheduler

Useful documentation from Heroku

Setting up MongoDB Atlas

Useful documentation from MongoDB

Personal Information

EyĆ¼p Barlas [email protected]
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