This is the repo for our Detection of Traffic Anomaly (DoTA) dataset.

DoTA dataset

Install ffmpeg.

Install python dependencies by pip install -r requirements.txt.

Get your youtube cookies to be able to download age restricted videos. Please find how to generate cookie based on this github issue. Chrome users can use this app to generate cookie file.

First, download the orginal videos from YouTube:

cd dataset
python --url_file DoTA_urls.txt --download_dir PATH_TO_SAVE_RAW_VIDEO --cookiefile PATH_TO_COOKIE/cookies.txt

NOTE: 6 long videos (see dataset/broken_urls.txt) in DoTA were REMOVED by YouTube. Please download these videos here and put them in the user-defined PATH_TO_SAVE_RAW_VIDEO before running the next step.

Second, extract annotated frames from original videos:

python -v PATH_TO_SAVE_RAW_VIDEO -a annotations -f 10 -o PATH_TO_SAVE_FRAMES -n NUM_OF_PROCESSES

The script extracts annotated frames for each video clip and writes to PATH_TO_SAVE_FRAMES. This will take minitues to hours depending on your machine. It took us around 35 minutes to extract all clips with NUM_OF_PROCESSES=8.

Now the annotated clips are extracted and ready to use!

Annotations for VAD

Besides the per-video '.json' files, we also provide a metadata_train.json and a metadata_val.json which contains the video metadata in the following format:

video_id: {
    "video_start": int,
    "video_end": int,
    "anomaly_start": int,
    "anomaly_end": int,
    "anomaly_class": str,
    "num_frames": int,
    "subset": "train" or "test"

Extracted data for FOL model training and testing

We also provide the extracted object bounding box tracks and corresponding optical flow features that we used to train our FOL models.
To use these extracted data, please download and extract the zip files to your data directory.
We provide an example of how to run our dataloader:

python --load_config config/config_example.yaml

Please make sure the data directories match your data directory on your machine.


If you found this repo is useful, please cite our paper:

    title={When, Where, and What? A New Dataset for Anomaly Detection in Driving Videos},
    author={Yao, Yu and Wang, Xizi and Xu, Mingze and Pu, Zelin and Atkins, Ella and Crandall, David},
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