EzilaX v1

Unmaintained. The new repo of @EzilaXBot is Public.
(It is no longer based on this source code. The completely rewritten bot available now on telegram)

A Powerful, Smart And Simple Group Manager
... Written with AioGram , Pyrogram and Telethon...

🏃‍♂️ Easy Deploy


Self-hosting (For Devs) ⚔

# Install Git First (apt-instll git)
$ git clone https://github.com/sadew451/EzilaXBot-v2
$ cd EzilaX
# Upgrade sources
$ bash deploy.sh
# Install All Requirements 
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# Rename ./EzilaX/data/bot_conf.yaml.example to bot_conf.yaml and fill
# Start Bot 
$ python3 -m EzilaXBot-v2

Mandatory Vars 📒

[+] Make Sure You Add All These Mandatory Vars. 
    [-] APP_ID:   You can get this value from https://my.telegram.org
    [-] APP_HASH :   You can get this value from https://my.telegram.org
    [-] STRINGSESSION : Your String Session, You can get this From Repl or BY running String_Gen File Locally
    [-] TOKEN: Get from botfarther
    [-] DATABASE_URL: from elephantsql.com
    [-] OWNER_ID: ur id
    [-] REDIS_URI: from redislabs.com (remove port)
    [-] REDIS_PORT: At the end of uri
    [-] REDIS_PASS: pass
[+] The EzilaX won't run without setting the mandatory vars.

The bot is based on the original work done by PaulSonOfLars
This repo was just revamped to suit an Anime-centric community. All original credits go to Paul and his dedication, Without his efforts, this fork would not have been possible!

All other credits mentioned on top of scripts

Should any be missing kindly let us know at EzilaXBot or simply submit a pull request on the readme.

EzilaX bot the telegram Bot Project

The Advanced Branch (For PRO's)

The EzilaX bot(advanced)