Welcome to Argus, a OSINT tool coded in python.


I Am not responsible what you do with the information that is given to you by my tool. This tool was built purely for education purposes only

What can Argus do?

Argus can pull various information such as addresses, names, phone information, and much more from a given command.
This OSINT tool is still being developed as of its publish. So be aware there are some bugs that can come from this tool.

Why Argus?

Argus Panoptes in greek mythology is a creature with 100 eyes. Panoptes means all seeing.

I made the tool strictly for education and OSINT purposes.
This is just a fun project because i was bored.


To get started open up a Command Line and type the following

cd src

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After installing the proper requirements you can run the file by typing the following


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