Sentinel 2 Data Fetcher


Create a Virtual Environment and activate it.

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate

Install the Package via pip.

pip install sat-mapping-cyborg-ai


Import the Library

from sat_mapping import FolderData, folders_time_frame, Paths, download

Set the Path to where you want to store the Satellite Data.

paths = Paths("<ANY/VALID/PATH>")

Start the Download. (Note: One year needs around 110 GB Disk Space.)

download(paths, years=[2019], tiles=["32TMT"], months=[7])

Load a folder.

folder_name = paths.folders[0]
upper_left = (100000.0, 0.0)       # Postion on tile in [m]
lower_right = (109800.0, 10000.0)  # Postion on tile in [m]
data = FolderData(join(paths.data_path, folder_name), upper_left, lower_right)

Display the image. (if matplotlib is not installed use pip install matplotlib)

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

picture =[:, :, [3, 1, 2]]  # NIR, GREEN, BLUE
fig: plt.Figure = plt.figure()
GitHub - iklelukas/sat_mapping at
A package to fetch sentinel 2 Satellite data from Google. - GitHub - iklelukas/sat_mapping at