PainlessDB – Taking Your Pain away to the moon 🚀


🎫 Introduction :

PainlessDB is a Python-based free and open-source Database. PainlessDB makes
it really easy when it comes to basic database operations like
['Create', 'Get', 'Update', 'Delete'] and a Really easy way to create your
Database Schema.

It’s really easy and Simple to get started with your database. Just create your
Database Schema and enjoy your new database.

The whole purpose of creating this Database was to make it really easy to do Database
stuffs when you need it, maybe you need it in a specific situation where you don’t
want to do all those geeky stuffs just to create and do some simple database tasks.

Easy & Simple to Understand and Implement

Easy to build your database Schema

Core database Functionalities: [Get, Create, update, Delete]

Supports multiple Datatypes [str, int, float, bool, list, dict, datetime.datetime]

Searching/Query Functionality

Read The Docs To quickly get Started! 🍰

With our continuous updates you will keep getting new features and bug fixes.

How to install?

via pip (recommended) :

pip install PainlessDB


via pip + github:

pip install git+


Download this repo and use it.


PainlessDB is open to contributions.

Please read for details on this project.

Code of Conduct

Please read for details on our code of conduct.


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