Python Projects ?

A personal collection of python projects.
Inspired by python-mini-projects.

List of projects and used modules:

# Projects Required Modules
1 Dice Rolling Simulator ? random
2 Random Password Generator ? random, string
3 Rock Paper Scissor ??✂️ random
4 Number Guessing Game ? random
5 QrCode Generator ? qrcode

Note: If you don’t have the required modules, just install them using pip.

For example, if you are on linux like Fedora Linux you could use the distor’s package manager to install modules:

sudo dnf install python3-qrcode

Or else, you could just use pip (python’s package manager):

pip install qrcode

If pip command is not in your environment path variable:

python -m pip install qrcode

How to run?

1. Install Python 3:


Install python from your distro’s package manager. Also, make sure to update your system first. Examples:


sudo dnf install python


sudo pacman -S python


sudo apt install python3


Head over to the python website then download the installer and run the installer.

2. Download the zip file of the projects:

github zip download instruction
Now open your file manager then go to the zip file location and unzip the file.

Optional: You can use git to clone this github repository.

git clone

3. Run the project:


Go to the “Python-Projects” and open the terminal there by right clicking and clicking on “Open in Terminal” option, Or you could type “cmd” on the file path. Now, to actually run the program type:



Open your preferred terminal emulator and cd into the “Python-Projects” folder or open your file manager and go into the “Python-Projects” folder then right click and select open in terminal option. Now, to run the program:


Note: In some distro’s like Ubuntu you need to type python3 instead of python.

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