A personal toolbox by Qsh.zh.



For core package, run pip install jammy

To access functions in bin

git clone https://gitlab.com/qsh.zh/jam.git --recursive
export PATH=<path_to_jam>/bin:$PATH

run python program

jam-run main.py
jam-crun 1 main.py # use second nvidia gpu

sample of io

import jammy.io as jio
from jatorch.utils import as_numpy
jio.dump("ndarray.npz", np.arange(10))
jio.dump("foo.pkl", {"foo": as_numpy(torch.arange(10).cuda())})
ndarray = jio.load("ndarray.npz")
model_dict = jio.load("checkpoint.pth")

$ jam-inspect-file foo.pkl
> python3
[ins] print(f1)
# content of foo.pkl

Advanced Usage



  • The package and framework are inspired from Jacinle by vacancy, from which I learn and take utility functions shamelessly.
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