A python script that uses the Tweepy library to pull Tweets with specific keywords from Twitter’s Streaming API, and then stores the important fields from the Tweet in a MongoDB collection.

What gets stored in MongoDB?

  • The tweet ID
  • The username of the tweet author
  • The follower count of the tweet author
  • The full body of the tweet
  • Any hashtags used in the tweet
  • The timestamp of the tweet’s creation
  • The language of the tweet


(python -m pip install --upgrade pip)
  • Tweepy 4.0.0(pip install tweepy)
  • Pymongo( python -m pip install pymongo )
  • MongoDB

5 minute setup (Assumes the dependencies are already installed):

  • Have MongoDB installed on localhost, and create a database called TwitterStream
  • Open the script and add the keywords or hashtags you want to track to the “keywords” variable
  • Save it to your project folder or any easy to access folder
  • Open your console and cd to the folder that you just put the script in
  • Type the command $ python
  • Watch as tweets hit the console in realtime, all while being stored in your database


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