A piece of software that shows a traceroute of a URL redirect path


Use Cases

  • To see where an affiliate link ends up
  • To see what affiliate network is being used in this process
  • Ensure that your own redirects work correctly as intended to
  • To analyse suspicious URLs from various sources
  • To avoid being tracked by companies
  • To avoid being redirected to malicious websites
  • Discover how many times a site can redirect your request
  • Check if URL shortening services such as bitly and adfly redirect to legitimate websites

To learn more about the uses of redirects, and what redirects are, please read this article.


  • A python installation above 3.0+, which you can download from the official python website here.


To have Odyssey work properly without any hiccups, please follow the instructions below.

  • Clone this repository
  • Then execute the command pip install requirements.txt