A plugin to introduce a generic API for Decompiler support in GEF



  • open IDA on your binary and press Alt-F7
  • popup “Run Script” will appear, load the script from this repo


In gdb, run:

source ./

Now connect to the decompiler

gef➤  decompiler connect
[+] Connected! 

Now just use GEF like normal ?

Decompiler Commands

  • decompiler global_info import:

    • imports global info like symbols, structs, and enums. Use this for function names as well.
  • decompiler global_info status:

    • shows you status info of imported symbols


The reverse engineering process often involves a decompiler, making it fundamental to
support in a debugger, since context switching knowledge between the two is hard. Decompilers
have a lot in common. During the reversing process, there are reverse engineering artifacts (REA).
These REAs are common across all decompilers:

  • stack variables
  • global variables
  • structs
  • enums
  • function headers (name and prototype)
  • comments

Knowledge of REAs can be used to lots of things, like sync REAs or
create a common interface for a debugger to display decompilation information. GEF is currently
one of the best gdb upgrades and makes for a perfect place to first implement this idea. In the future,
it should be easily transferable to any debugger supporting python3.


  • Decompilation view
  • Break on decompiler function symbols
  • Resolve stack variable symbols in a function
  • Decompilation caching
  • Highlight current gdb line