HTB-Status for Polybar

Is a polybar module that will show you your progress in Hack The Box indicating your current rank, global rank, points and respect (highly customizable).



· Copy and files to ~/.config/bin · Change the user ID (ID_USUARIO) in (the profile must be public): · Copy this at bar section of ~/.config/polybar/current.ini:

inherit = bar/main
width = 20%
height = 40
offset-x = 36.3% #change horizontal position if you need
offset-y = 0
background = ${}
foreground = ${color.white}
bottom = false
padding = 1
;padding-top = 2
module-margin-left = 0
module-margin-right = 0
;modules-left = date sep mpd
modules-center = htbstatus
wm-restack = bspwm

·Copy this at same file but on module section:

type = custom/script
interval = 20
exec = ~/.config/bin/

·Add this line at ~/.config/polybar/ file:

polybar htbstatus -c ~/.config/polybar/current.ini &

·Add this line at ~/.config/bspwm/bspwm

python3 ~/.config/bin/

You may need to restart or sign out. Wait a few minutes for your statuses to update.

If you want you can make a pull request. The stars are appreciated ?