A ‘port’ of Wordle to text-based interfaces

A near-feature complete version of the famous game, Wordle that can be played in CMD. Just maximize your screen, and reduce the font size! You’re good to go!


ASCII-Wordle requires just the Python Standard Library, Blessed, curses (blessed uses curses to handle input), and pyperclip!


ASCIIiWordle features almost everything the original game has, minus daily words (words are instead chosen at random from the word list Wordle uses, with the game being capable of being played multiple times a day), a streak menu, the option to switch between light and dark mode, hard mode, and a share prompt (instead the game automatically copies the game stats to your clipboard at the end of a game)(and probably anything else I missed).




Q1. The game doesn’t draw the graphics quite right/ the graphics are drawn all over the place. How do I fix this?

A. Maximize your CMD/terminal emulator window, and set the font size low enough. A font size of 8 px works on my PC in a maximized CMD window

Q2. What do I click to share my game stats?

A. The program automatically generates game stats and copies it to your clipboard post-game


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