A program which converts images and video into Excel spreadsheets.

Videos can take a long time to save.

Example conversion

Original image:


Result as viewed in Excel:


Video is the same except each frame is it's own spreadsheet.


Main libraries can be installed with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Web UI libraries can be installed with:

pip install -r web_requirements.txt

Command syntax [-h] [--scale SCALE] [--filter FILTER] [--frameskip FRAMESKIP] [--forceframeskip] [--videocut VIDEOCUT] type file_path output_path mode

Use -h for help. Information about arguments is displayed below.

Media type: video or image

File path: The location of the original iamge. test_image can be for one of the test images, no test videos (scale of 0.1 is recommended).

Output path: The output path of the Excel spreadsheet


  • GREYSCALE (applies a greyscale effect to the image)
  • RGB (no filter applied)
  • FILTER (applies a colour filter to the image)

Optional arguments

Scale: The scale of the image. For images over 1000px in size, a scale of less than 0.25 is recommended.

Filter: The colour of the filter to be applied to the image.

Video only

Frameskip: How many frames to skip between each spreadsheet. 50 is recommended.

Force frame skip: Force the frame skip to be lower than 25

Videocut: How much to shorten the video by


Run in web directory.

python <port>

Note: The port will default to 5000


  • Implement video conversion for web server ✅
  • Implement scale for video ✅
  • Frame skip config ✅
  • Cut down video length as option ✅