Ross Virtual Assistant is a programme which can play Music, search Wikipedia, open Websites and much more.


  • Download the repository as a .zip file.
  • After downloading, extract all the files to the same folder.
  • Now run file.
  • The Necessary Modules will be installed (Follow the Instructions in the file).
  • Now the app should be up and running.


  • Assistant will greet you according to the time of the day.
  • It will listen to you and convert speech to text.
  • It can play music if you say play music however the directory to the music file should be specified.
  • It can search the wikipedia if you say open wikipedia [what you want to search].
  • It can open websites like Google, Gmail, Youtube if you say open google / open gmail / opem youtube.
  • It will tell you the time if you say what is the time.
  • It can open the source code of the file if you say open code however the directory to the file should be specified.


If the doesn’t work or error is shown, please install the following modules manually:

  • pip install pyttsx3
  • pip install SpeechRecognition
  • pip install wikipedia

Made with Python 3.9.7 and works with Python 3.x