String_Spy – A MacOS Defensive Tool

Author: AsaurusRex


String Spy is a project aimed at improving MacOS defenses. It allows users to constantly monitor all running processes for user-defined strings, and if it detects a process with such a string it will log the PID, process path, and user running the process. It will also (optionally) kill the process. For certain default C2s and other malicious software, this tool can quickly log and stop malicious behavior that normal AV does not recognize, and allows for customization. Right now, String_Spy is set to look for default Mythic payloads, but any IOC string can be used and searched in running processes. This tool is very similar to Yara, but easier to run for end users.


Python2 (only tested with Python2.7+), and some associated Python libraries. In addition, the ability to compile C code to run on your native OS – gcc worked just fine for me.
This is only designed to run on MacOS, not Linux, so some modifications would be needed to port this code to Linux – especially to the C code.


usage: [-h]

[-path PATH_TO_COMPILED_BINARY] Provide the full path to the compiled PID_resolver code. See PID_resolver.c for source code. Sometimes errors if you do not provide full path.

[-o OUTPUT] Provide the full path where you want your log file to be placed. The default is StringKiller_log.txt.

[-kill KILL] Decide whether or not you want to kill the process which contains your chosen string. Your options are yes or no. The default is no.


Right now, String_Spy is hardcoded to hunt default Mythic payloads.

To run it, after compiling PID_resolver.c, we can use commands such as:

sudo python2 -path /Users/securitytester/string_scanner/PID_resolver -kill yes

NOTE: it is recommended to run this with sudo, so that you can enumerate/kill all processes if necessary.


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