A project designed to make taking notes easier than ever – by doing it all on command line! Yes, all of your files are easily accessible through one command interface, and can be written to at any time! #ad #sponsored

Honestly, I’m just making this as a curiosity for when I go back to school in the spring.
My goal is to minimize effort and maximize note efficiency, making all of my notes easily accessible and well organized.
Each entry you make into the command will jot down the date on your notes, so you dont have to do it yourself!
I essentially just noticed that all of my notes were a disaster and were just one long text document packed with random scribbles and definitions/equations
This wont entirely fix that unless you go out of your way to do so, but it does make it quite easy and quick to separate your definitions/equations from your general notes,
and to switch between them at any given time. Right now you can have 2 files open at once. This project actually works as advertised right now, but is almost entirely useless
until I add more quality of life features to make it worth using. I’m sure it’ll get updated more during the semester as I gripe and complain about things that it
should be doing but isn’t.
I really do think that this is a useful idea, as just using google drive or whatever for notes I find to be super unorganized and it inevitably leads to me having
to REorganize them during finals week so I can use them.
This will instead allow me to go on a file-by-file basis and just utilize multiple at once to do separate things, while constantly keeping itself organized
(as long as I keep updating it this with organizational improvements).
Its not great, but I like it.

Made by Trenton Schwartz


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