This is our project for Perotti’s MGIS350 for incorporating Flask…

RIT Dev Biz Apps Web Project
A web-based Inventory system for company of your choice! due Nov 5th!

You and your team will identify a corporation to work for, then build a web-based inventory system.

Minimum specifications:

  1. You will have to set up the technology (flask, python, packages) ahead of time for it to work!
  2. Create a web application using the Flask web framework to:
    a. Display a list of all inventory items
    b. When the user selects an inventory item, display complete product information about that item
  3. Possible “over and above” extensions:
    a. Allow the addition of new items to the inventory
    b. improve appearance and UI

Please submit this assignment using the myCourses Dropbox section.

*A note about grading: The professor encourages you to go above and beyond these “must-haves” to create a superior program (and earn a better grade). How can you do this?
▬ Professionalism: Think through the problem as if it were your job to really do it. How could it be better for the intended users?
▬ New Learning: Demonstrate new learning from outside the lectures and examples from class.

Please submit this assignment to Prof Perotti using the myCourses Dropbox

Simplest tutorial:

One advanced Flask Mega-Tutorial:

Another simple Tutorial:


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