Recaptcha Fullauto

I've decided to open source my old Recaptcha v2 solver. My latest version will be opened sourced this summer. I am hoping this project will serve as inspiration for others to build a solver from, as plugging in an existing model is not too difficult to do.

This project uses the AWS Rekognition API, which is a decent solution but isn't the best. If you are looking to build off this project, I would take a look at this repo for inspiration on building and training your own model. I would also reccomend using this repo as a base for your dataset or scraping images from Google Images using this project.


  • Python 3
  • Firefox
  • Geckodriver (make sure it is installed in your PATH)
  • AWS credentials (create a new IAM user with the AmazonRekognitionFullAccess role)


Download The Project

git clone
cd recaptcha-fullauto


Add your proxies in the proxies.txt file and add your AWS credentials in the .env file

If you don't want to use proxies, modify the src/ file as such

rcs = RecaptchaSolver("", use_proxies = False)

Using Docker

docker build -t recaptcha-fullauto .
docker run recaptcha-fullauto

From Source

pip install -r requirements.txt
python src/