Package Delivery Rover

This project is a prototype of Self Driving Car. It’s based on embedded systems, to meet the current requirement of delivery applications & to overcome the problems of industrial automation.

Here are a few outcomes which are successfully implemented

  • The rover design made it possible to run over uneven surfaces.
  • Obstacle avoidance mechanism avoids obstacles of considerable size.
  • GPS module and Google Maps Api helps to find the trajectory.
  • Security Mechanism ensures the package delivery only to the client.

Photos of Robot

Rocker Bogie Design in Action

Rocker Bogie Mechanism

Top View of Rover

Top View

High Level Design

High Level Design

Flow Chart

This is the complete flow of how a user would interact with the rover

Flow Chart

Idea (Concept)

  • This Project is intended to deliver goods. It uses a GPS sensor and Google Maps services or user defined map to deliver from a source to any destination.
  • It uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to map the surrounding to avoid obstacles and find the best route. It has versatile Wheels to run on uneven surfaces with a Structure robust enough and powered with Lead Acid batteries.
  • All this system runs through Rasberry Pi and Arduino Hardware with encoder motors to change directions on course.
  • It is apparently intended right now for small premises to deliver but this range can be extended far away.
  • This project can be modified more to suit environment by adding various sensors.
  • Finally when the valuables are delivered,the client is prompted for password which is messaged to him to unlock and get hold of his delivery.
  • Delivery being the prime and promising objective,our application of Rover is not limited to it and is highly versatile.


  • The code is individually tested for all seperate hardware modules.
  • All the different Python snippets when combined would make the project work with hardware setup.
  • Please find the connections of different module wired pins & Raspberry Pie/Arduino inside the code itself!
  • For Automated Emails, enter your Gmail Credentials inside the code.


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Arduino Uno
  • Motor Driver(L298D)
  • Micro Servo Motor
  • PVC Pipes + other design-stuff like Wheels
  • I2C LCD Backpack – PCF8574
  • 4×3 Dial pad
  • 12V Battery
  • Neo GPS Module
  • Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
  • Angle Sensor Mpu 9250


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