A pure-Python Wordle and Absurdle solver

Find the originals here:

Basic solving: Wordle

To solve today’s Wordle, simply run:

./ -w

Basic solving: Absurdle

To solve Absurdle, simply run:

./ -s

To find a more optimal solution using a slower branch-pruning algorithm, run:

./ -s -p

You can also use the -n flag with branch pruning to control the number of unpruned branches (the default is 20, but you should be able to go as low as 6 without producing suboptimal solutions):

./ -s -p -n 6

To solve Absurdle’s challenge mode, simply enter the target word as a final argument:

./ -s AZURE

Play Absurdle

To play an offline version of Absurdle, simply run:


You can also play Absurdle’s challenge mode by providing the -c option:

./ -c


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