Gclone Discord Utilities


  1. Clone – Clone a public/private google drive file/folder to your teamdrive.
  2. Mkdir – Make Directories directly from discord.
  3. Size – Calculate size of google drive files/folders from link.
  4. Move – Move files/folders from one location to other.
  5. sync – Sync source links to destination links.
  6. Delete – Delete folders/files.
  7. Name – Find name of google drive folders/files from link.


Before you get started, you need Python 3.7 or later to run this script. Below are some extra things you need to download / install too:

  • Gclone – Run the shell / batch script if you are on Linux to install, or add the gclone.exe file to your system PATH variables if you are on Windows. Putting the script in the same directory as GClone in Windows will work as well. If you are on MacOS, download the Darwin build of GClone.
  • AutoRClone – (Service accounts folder) – GClone requires service accounts. To generate and manage them, use AutoRClone. You can then configure GClone using the service accounts.

Setup (Windows):

  1. Download the zip of the repo.
  2. Run pip install virtualenv in your terminal.
  3. Activate the virtual enviorment.
  4. Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Create a discord bot account. Follow this tutorial, or you can refer to youtube.
  6. Edit the secrets.py file.
  7. Open up your Terminal or Command Line and then cd into the directory of the Cloned GitHub Repo.
  8. Run python main.py or python3 main.py. The output of the Terminal or Command Line should have no errors and show that everything is all ready!

Enjoy using Gclone Discord Utilities Bot

Detailed Tutorial on Gclone and Service accounts setup

Coming soon ……


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