AsCord 0.0.6


Update log

Update 0.0.4: Fixed the cogs generation.

Update 0.0.3: Fixed a bug.

Update 0.0.2: Fixed the file.

Update 0.0.1: Initial release of AsCord.


  • This package makes it easy for python developers to generate bots.
  • With not more than 3 lines of code, you will be able to generate fully functional discord bots.
  • You are also provided with an option of either generating discord bots WITH cogs or WITHOUT cogs.


Type the following command to install the package

pip install ascord
  • or

pip3 install ascord


  • Importing the module

 import ascord
  • Generate a bot without cogs

ascord.as_cord("BOT_NAME", "BOT_PREFIX", "BOT_TOKEN")
  • Generate a bot with cogs

ascord.as_cogs("BOT_NAME", "BOT_PREFIX", "BOT_TOKEN")

–> After the script is generated, you can run the bot.


Developed by: Kavin Jindal


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