python-jamf is a Python 3 module to access the Jamf Pro Classic API. The Classic API is the primary tool for programmatic access to data on a Jamf Pro server to allow integrations with other utilities or systems. The concept behind it is to have a class or simply a collection of data (variables) and methods (functions) that maps directly to the API (

The python-jamf API class doesn't hide anything from you. It handles the URL requests, authentication, and converts between XML/JSON to Python dictionaries/lists.

The python-jamf module also provides undocumented access to Jamf Admin functionality used for uploading items to Jamf Distribution Points.


Supported Jamf Records

Currently, the python-jamf supports 56 Jamf records like Buildings, Categories, Computers, OSXConfigurationProfiles, and Policies for example.

Each record is a Python object, but they are generic. Objects do not have member variables for Jamf data. All Jamf Pro data is stored as a Python dictionary that is accessed with the data() method. Lists of records and individual records use the same object type as well. So all class names are plural, regardless if they represent a list of objects or one object.