MMLS Automater

This python application let you automate stuff like taking attendance during your lecture , check your MMLS for any new announcements.
Inspiration : MMLS2 is suck, no notification from lecturers, QR code is unscannable using MMLS mobile application, that’s what inspire me to build this.


1.First , pip install these few stuff (Make sure your python is added to path)
-pip install opencv
-pip install selenium
-pip install pyautogui
2.Download chromedriver.exe from, make sure you downloaded the right version, and also include the path to it in (check out the file , and you will see where should you put it on)
3.Run to start this application.
Other libraries are included in python itself (Probably).
There’s no GUI for this application, all things are done in text-based UI. But it’s still user-friendly though, feel free to use it. :))


-View annnouncements from MMLS
-Take attendance from QR Code
And that’s essentially what it does.

Modules Included

-OpenCV (QR Code Decoder)
-Selenium (Browser Automation)
-Logging (Logging)
-Datetime (Use for date and time)
-PyAutoGui (Screenshot and saving it)
-OS (Deleting the screenshot of QR Code after saving it)
-Json(Use to store files, like announcements, user information)
-Time(Countdown timer)

Side Note

Username and password stored are not encrypted and all, so please, be aware of it, and use it on your own risk.


It was a pretty fun project to do, it’s been sometimes since the last time I dealt with selenium and other modules. Not sure how can we implement asyncIO in this application, but I am pretty sure this application can still be optimize and all.


Application would crash, if a MMU Attendance QR Code is not found on the screen.



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