A few things to note:

  1. When you clicked a button, it will be pressed until its execution is done.
  2. If you did scannings before, now again you wanna analyse (Dump, Look) the output files. So no need to scan again, but make sure you click on ‘Check Profile’ once after you select your dump file via ‘Choose File’ button, so that it will be used for searching, dumping files etc etc
  3. Sometimes you can encounter blank pop ups, that can happen when no data or specific output is available.
  4. Files are saved with the naming convention- pluginName_output.txt inside the memory dump file folder created as memdumpFile_analysis

PS I m not a very good coder (hehe 🥴) so if you face any issues during runtime or have any suggestions or need some more functionality implemented please feel free contact me on Twitter


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