This (very) small python script allows you to view any Minecraft server’s status Information


Download the file, install python (if not already installed), install mcstatus (pip install mcstatus) and time (pip install time) and launch the program by executing it with python cmd.py on windows and python3 cmd.py on MacOS and Linux (replace ‘cmd.py’ with correct filename). Make sure that you first locate your download location with the command cd Downloads (replace ‘Downloads’ with your custom location if needed).

Status Infos
  1. Minecraft Version
  2. MOTD (message of the day)
  3. host (IP adress of the server and port)
  4. Software (Minecraft version and Mod/Plugin Loader if any installed on the server)
  5. Plugins (if any installed)
  6. Players (online Players/Max Players)
  7. Players Online (list of online Players)


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