A fully responsive interface to manage all your favorite software on your HTPC.

A python based web application to manage the software on your HTPC. HTPC Manager combines all your favorite software into one slick interface.

  • NZBGet module (rewritten)
  • qBittorrent module (rewritten)
  • Transmission (add url, upload local torrent)
  • Deluge (add url/magnet, pause/remove, set limit)
  • SABnzbd (drag & drop to edit queue, pause for x min, purge history)
  • Stats module (Hardware info, S.M.A.R.T report, execute scripts)
  • CouchPotato (Suggestions and moar..)
  • Plex (Filter, search, fix duplicated, images, play to device and more)
  • KODI/XBMC addons tab, where you can search/execute/enable/disable addons and a volume slider instead of a progress bar
  • Send a nzb from NZB search to NZBGet in addition to SABnzbd.
  • Usenet (Multi search indexers, support nzedb and spotweb in addition to newznab)


  • Notification if a update is available and autoupdate
  • Htpc manager is now fluid. (Looks much better on high res screens)
  • Delete cache folder from the settings page
  • The brave and bold can choose which branch they want to use.
  • Added a option for robots.txt for bot crawlers
  • Make ssl cert and key automatically if you don't add a path for it
  • Mask sensitive stuff from the log (username, api key, password etc)
  • Reduced size on static files
  • Docker support
  • Various fixes
  • Download log
  • Added argsparse (to support python 2.6)
  • And a shit load of other stuff i dont remember

If you're missing something don't be afraid to make a request :)


Before you open a new issue, make sure you:

  • Check if this issue has been solved before
  • Are using the master2 branch (all other branches should be considered experimental)
  • Update to the lastest version
  • Have restart HTPC Manager

If you still have problems: INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR ISSUE

  • Screenshot of the about page
  • What did you do?
  • What happened?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • If it's a visual bug, screenshot or it didn't happen!
  • Which browser, including version
  • Add your ENTIRE log (with loglevel debug!), please write the line number where the error occured, NO logs == NO help

How to enable detailed logs

  1. Shutdown HTPC Manager
  2. Start --loglevel debug (Do NOT start with --dev)
  3. Start HTPC Manager and wait for error to occur again/reproduce it


See the wiki