- prevention: Bot is not ready and now on the development stage estimated release date - 21.10.21

The main idea of the bot is to automatically pass the levels and assemble components,
simultaneously pumping all your mercenaries level 1 to 30 (so far, then to add)
So how does it work?
in fact, everything is based on the fact that the bot collects a team of 3 of your heroes of level 30,
and then throws 1 level there, and since for pumping the unit does not have to participate in the battle,
the bot just passes the location time and time again and shakes the rest of your mercenaries to level 30.

In plans

  1. Finish Project
  2. Add mode selection – collecting fragments/pumping heroes
  3. write a graphical interface for this whole case
  4. It is possible to expand the functionality originally conceived.


  • Download the project
  • Install All Libraries


  • then open Settings.ini and set yr settings
  • Start the game

Possible problem


If this error occurs after all libraries have been installed and the interpreter has been configured, do this:

  • pip install “ahk[binary]”
  • pip install “ahk-binary<2”

Specification, Settings.ini file:

+0.1-the fastest mode , 5-the slowest (not recomending do faster then 0.5) 
number = 1
colour = Red
number = 2
colour = Green
number = 3
colour = Blue
+3 main heroes that you will use for pumping other ones.List of heroes by numbers you can see in in HeroesList.txt

Red = 1
Green = 2
Blue = 2
+number of pages each colour(or type) in section Red - defenders , Green - warriors ,Blue - Wizards
Monitor Resolution = 2560*1440
+could be 2560*1440 or 1920*1080

1 – Cariel Roame /Кариэль Роум
2 -Tyrande / Тиранда
3 -Milhous Manostorm / Милхаус маношторм

For contacts [email protected]


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