CLI tool for typescript tasks & migrations



$ typed --list

  bootstrap   🔨 Bootstrap your environment for TypeScript fun
  clean       🔨 Cleanup up files
  errors      🌟 Create an inventory of the typescript errors at the current directory
  inject      🔨 Check for and Inject typescript configuration files.
  migrate     🔨 Run custom ts-migrate operation

Brew install

Add Lob’s internal Homebrew tap.

brew tap lob/internal

Install with brew

brew update
brew install lob-typed

Install from git

Note: may need to use pip3 in-place of pip

pip install -e git+https://github.com/lob/typed#egg=typed

Local/Dev install

From the project root

pip install .

For dev install

pip install -e .


Install the development dependencies with pipenv

  1. Install pipenv
    • brew install pipenv
  2. Create a virtual environment and dependencies
    • pipenv sync --dev
  3. Activate the virtual environment
    • pipenv shell
  4. Runs tests to verify
    • pytest -v
  5. Install the pre-commit hooks
    • pre-commit install


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