Discord Bot

A simple python discord bot with commands for moderation, utility and fun.


  • $kick <user> <reason> – Kick a user from the server
  • $ban <user> <reason> – Ban a user from the server
  • $unban <user> – Unban a user from the server
  • $mute <user> – Mute a user
  • $unmute <user> – Unmute a user
  • $nick <user> <nickname> – Change a users nickname
  • $clear <amount> – Clear recent messages from chat


  • $whois <user> – Display information about a user
  • $av <user> – Display a users avatar
  • $serverinfo – Display information about the server
  • $users – Display the number of users in the server

Fun & Misc

  • $echo <text> – Make the bot say someting (admin only)
  • $8ball <question> – Ask the bot a question
  • $rps <choice> – Play a game of rock paper scissors
  • $calculate <equasion> – Calculate an equasion
  • $coinflip – Flip a coin (heads or tails)


  • $help – Display all commands and what they do
  • $uptime – The amount of time since last restart
  • $ping – The bots latency / response time
  • $source – Get a link to the bots source code


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