Encryption Manager (python edition)

VerseGroup’s native encryption manager adapted for python applications.


  • Generate new set of private and public keys
  • Encrypt using private and public keys
  • Decrypt using private keys
  • Encode in base64 for networking with encrypted messages


  • VerseGroup’s Encryption Manager uses an object oriented approach, so encryption will take place through methods and attribute within a class


class EncryptionManager


  • private key
  • public key


  • serialize and deserialize private and public keys
  • encrypt/decrypt using self’s keys


  • Initialize using either preexisting keys in any format or generate a new set of keys

To Add

  • Modern architecture also uses SHA to sign AES encrypted messages, as RSA has size limitations. Instead RSA is used to send over an AES symmetric key for a singular session, and then further message’s are sent with the AES key and signed in SHA by the RSA private key.


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