Python Code Obfuscator

A script that converts code into full on random numerical expressions.

Simple Scripts:

Python Mode…

Input: Function that decodes Caesar cipher with a key

def decode_caesar_cipher(s,k):
    for c in (65,97):
        for i in range(26):d[chr(i+c)]=chr((i+k)%26+c)
    return "".join([d.get(c,c)for c in s])
print(decode_caesar_cipher("Uryyb Jbeyq, vg'f zr: cbttrefohgabg!",13))


  • Should I use this for protecting my source code?
    This is NOT a good idea, this obfuscator is simply for fun, and really easy to decode.
  • Is there a license?
    MIT License.


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