A Python library for loading data from a SpaceX Starlink satellite.

The goal is to be a simple interface for Starlink. It builds upon the work done on starlink-grpc-toolsto connect to Starlink from Python (and I'm also using it to understand gRPC, which I've never used before this).

I'm writing this in order to create a Home Assistant component for Starlink. I'll update the README when I have that started.

I currently have the first iteration of Starlink satellites and am developing with this. Feel free to create an issue if you have a second iteration and want to help add support for this.


The goal is to write an interface that is friendly for users and that abstracts the connection details. For example:

from spacex.starlink import StarlinkDish

def is_my_dish_obstructed() -> bool:
    # Using a context manager automatically connects
    with StarlinkDish() as dish:
        return dish.status.obstructed
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