A Python library to build a styleguide from a CSS manifest file.

It is way of building a styleguide without to write declarations inside CSS comments in your stylesheets.

You build a manifest in a dedicated CSS file and it will be parsed and serialized so you can use it in your code or templates to build a styleguide.

Why a dedicated CSS file for a manifest ? Because it can be automatically writed from your Sass sources. Obviously it would only work if your design is driven by variables like with Foundation for Site or Bootstrap.

Manifest syntax rules are writed so the CSS file is still a valid CSS, mostly using CSS3 variables.

This library provides:

  • An API to load a CSS manifest and return it has structured datas;
  • A Sass source with some mixin helpers to help you to write CSS manifest from your Sass sources;

This library doesn't provide template or application to build the styleguide page, it's up to you to integrate it in your project.

GitHub - sveetch/py-css-styleguide: CSS Manifest driven styleguide for your project
CSS Manifest driven styleguide for your project. Contribute to sveetch/py-css-styleguide development by creating an account on GitHub.